A New Week a New Brag – in Living Color

I thought I’d share my Brag Monday entry with you, mes amies. Please feel free to check out The Graphics Fairy (her site is to my left in my blog list). She has the most amazing free vintage graphics. If you like creating with graphics, then she is your woman!! The tile pendant you see, is a vintage french graphic I found on her site. I don’t know about you, but I’m loving this summer’s color: Coral! Coral and watermelon pink are probably two of my best colors to wear, so I’m having a ball. So, with that in mind, I created this tile pendant. Now the hard part … parting with it! It is, after all, listed in my Etsy store. But, at least I can always make a new one.

What are your best colors to wear? Do you even know? Henry Ford would tell you that you could wear any color if it was black. But then, he designed cars, not clothing. Although I must say, most women should have that one little black dress.

When I worked at a quilt shop, I was called on all of the time to help women pick the fabrics for their quilts. It was amazing to me how many women were petrified of picking out colors. As though it was a matter of national security and if they got it “wrong,” then all was lost.

I’m a firm believer that everyone can learn to pick out what looks best on them (unless you’re color blind, and then you might need some real help).

What makes your eyes stand out? What makes your skin look great and not sallow or dull? What brings out the colors and highlights in your hair? A great place to figure out those types of questions, is to take a friend with you to a quilt shop and play around with the colors there. You might be surprised at what you’ll find. It might be a color that you had never thought of before. If so … be fearless, get a swatch and keep it in your wallet. The next time you go shopping, pull out your swatch and forge ahead. I promise, wearing the right colors can make you look younger, more vitalic, and even more so, feel great!

Have a wonderful week mes amies!!



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