Singing Our Own Song

I absolutely adore birds. Not necessarily in my house, but I love watching them outside and appreciating all of the beautiful colors, plumage, and songs that they sing. I grew up in Oklahoma in a large city, and really didn’t realize there were so many birds (other than sparrows, cardinals, bluejays, and scissortail flycatchers) until my husband and I moved out into the country. I was immediately amazed at the amazing array of birds. Suddenly I was exposed to nuthatches (they walk upside down a tree!), chickadees, meadowlarks, hummingbirds, whipporwills (louder than all get out!!), and a myriad of other wonderful and beautiful birds.

As I thought of our journey to find beauty, I was reminded of birds. Each has it’s own beauty, whether it is their song, their grace, their antics, their actual plumage, etc. So, when I did my new weekly challenge over at The Graphics Fairy (which you should definitely check out if you like free vintage prints and printables – the picture above is from her website), I decided to make a bird bracelet and earrings. Did I mention before that I LOVE to make jewelry?

Anyway, you can check out my entry at:, my entry is number 50. (and if you like, please press the like button, *wink*wink*).

Here’s a larger picture for you to see:

When I wear this bracelet and earrings, I’m going to remind myself of my own personal song, my beautiful plumage, my antics or things about me that might be funny or charming to someone else, and the joy that I can bring to others.

What makes you sing? What special antics do you have or do? What beautiful, or subtle plumage do you wear? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Bonsoir Mes amies. Until Next time … a bien tot.

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